Gil Shoham's Lab

Hebrew University, Israel

Research Interests:

Geobacillus stearothermophilus glycoside hydrolase galactan utilization glycosynthase catalytic mutant SAD data collection arabinose arabinan utilization xylan utilization oligomerization selenomethionine SAXS P1 galactosaccharides GH52 enzymatic glycosynthesis Show 34 more
xylobiose xylose xylosidase GH42 galactose negative electrostatic patch homotrimer β-galactosidase 6-phospho-β-galactosidase 6-phospho-β-glucosidase broad specificity negative cooperativity semi-conservative resolution cut-off small-angle X-ray scattering retaining mechanism electrostatic potential galactosidases MAD glycoside hydrolases high resolution double mutant GH1 serine esterase xylan esterase xylooligosaccharide esterases SAD catalytic triad torus arabinofuranoside serine esterases oligomeric assembly octamer β-arabinofuranosidase, GH127 GH27

Laboratory location

Institute of Chemistry, The Laboratory for Structural Chemistry and Biology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Lab activity (last 6 years)


Journal name Impact factor # of publications
The FEBS journal 4.530 1
Acta crystallographica Section D Biological crystallography 7
Acta crystallographica Section F Structural biology communications 4
Acta crystallographica Section F Structural biology and crystallization communications 3
The Biochemical journal 3.857 1
Journal of molecular biology 4.894 1
Nucleic acids research 11.561 1
The Journal of biological chemistry 4.010 2


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